Kiyoshi Habiro

CEO of ORIX Europe

Professionalism, teamwork and integration made ORIX Europe the successful company it is today."

Kiyoshi Habiro is as Chief Executive Officer in charge of ORIX Europe and its UK subsidiary ORIX UK.

He has 30 years of experience since joining the ORIX group  in 1993 in the financial sectors that include M&A, infrastructure investments, life insurance, special investments and restructuring, alternative investments, securitization, real estate finance and corporate credit.

Kiyoshi Habiro has led notable acquisitions including, among others, the acquisition of Kansai International Airport, the biggest concession public tender in Japan, and the acquisition of the Hartford Life Insurance Japan, the subsidiary of the US insurer, where after the acquisition he also served as Hartford Life's Chief Financial Officer in charge of finance, actuary, investment management (general account), building hedging operations of variable annuity exposure, and as the Head of Integration Committee responsible for merger and regulatory process in respect of its merger with ORIX Life Insurance Corporation.

Kiyoshi Habiro holds a Bachelor’s degree in Science from University of Tsukuba and a Master’s degree in Business Law from Hitotsubashi University.